Top tips for clean tiles


Tips for cleaning tilesYour ceramic tiles are the pride of your home. They help keep your kitchen and bathroom clean because they are easy to maintain, versatile and durable. Above all else, they provide a wonderful esthetic effect. There are a few simple rules to follow so your ceramic tiles are always spotless.

Porcelain tiles are one of the most common flooring materials. Created in high-temperature kilns from natural materials, they have excellent characteristics, ideal for floors in all kinds of homes and climates. The offer superb durability combined with high resiliency, practically impervious to water, dirt or chemicals. Because of this, they are great not only for homes but industrial use as well. While very easy to maintain, a few cleaning methods are necessary to keep them in tip-top shape.

How do I clean ceramic tile floors?

One of the most important, if not the most important, rules when it comes to tile maintenance is not to allow dirt and spills to settle in. Never allow foreign agents like liquids and dirt to get themselves comfortable on your floors. Sometimes this is inevitable: our homes are open to many people, children, and pets and they can all carry many kinds of dirt. Ok, you cannot forbid stepping on the tiles, but you can clean up quickly. As soon as all the guests leave, pick up a piece of cloth or a mop and some warm water mixed with mild detergent or soap. A quick mop up will take care of all the nasty dirt.

Cleaning ceramic tilesNext, regular maintenance is also important. Sweep, vacuum and mop, in that order. You will remove the large debris with your broom, the dust with your vacuum cleaner and then, finally, a mop and some water will clean all the dirt out the grout and improve the shine and color of your tiles.

Cleaning grout can be tricky and tedious. However, a few techniques will help to do the job quickly and efficiently. Typically white, grout gets dirty easily, and it becomes discolored and bland. Dirty grouts are not appealing, and they take away from the beauty of your floor. To keep the grout clean, make sure you seal it right after you install the tiles. For regular care, apply the sealant twice a year. The best way to clean dirty grout is to use a 50/50% mix of hydrogen peroxide and water.