The dangers of using bleach to clean your tiles

Cleaning tiles with blechBleach is a very aggressive and potent chemical. It carries a strong disinfecting potential, but it also can be quite harmful, especially to children. Some new studies suggest that not only ingestion will cause medical problems: even passive exposure to bleach inside your home can be connected with respiratory illnesses in children.

The study was wide, and it encompassed as much as 9.000 kids aged 6 to 12 in several European countries. The key was to measure how much the children are exposed to bleach and similar agents and then to see whether the substance has a harmful effect. Parents supplied information about the frequency and intensity of respiratory illnesses like sinusitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia, as well as information about the flu, otitis and similar inflammations. Of course, they also had to answer if they used bleach inside their homes or not.The result was that there were higher incidences of respiratory problems with kids who lived in homes where bleach usage is common.

Bleach can be harmful

Of course, we are all well aware of the fact that bleach and similar chemicals are not to be ingested or inhaled. Bleach fumes can make you dizzy if you do not ventilate the room you are cleaning. This study showed that mere exposure to surfaces cleaned using bleach, like ceramic tiles, can be harmful. The most common organs which come under the negative impact of bleach are lungs, where lung cell linings can be inflamed. Sometimes parents have a wrong perception that our homes should be 100% bacteria-free and that only strong chemicals like bleach are the only solutions to get rid of all the bacteria. Bleach will certainly take care of bacteria, but there are very good, safer and healthier alternatives.


Go natural. Use readily available natural products you already have in your home. Simple soap and water will do wonders and also disinfect all the treated surfaces. Floors and sinks will be spotless after your attack them with baking soda. Furthermore, use white vinegar to take car of stains on glass or tiles.