Clean your tiles the natural way!

You want a quick, easy and cheap way to clean your tiles while using eco-friendly methods and products? A piece of cake! We will tell you all about it, and in a matter of hours your kitchen floor will be so clean and shiny, you can eat straight from it. All without harming the eco-system we all belong to.

A quick switch

Natural cleaning tipsForget about all those nasty chemicals and corrosive agents; we will show you how to make a quick switch to natural cleaners. Chance is you already have all the stuff you need right at your home; you just did not know these can be employed as excellent cleaning agents. Some would say these are even more effective when compared to store-bought solutions. Another crucial thing is that you will not have to be afraid that your kids will be in contact will seriously dangerous chemicals right after you clean up the bathroom.

These techniques will work superbly in old and in new homes, with old kitchen and bathroom tiles just as good with modern ceramics. You do not have to be afraid that you will ruin the patina on your antique terracotta floors or that you will scratch the new Spanish tiles you just imported. Do not worry if your grout is moldy and forget about bleaching it. Bleach will just cover up the mold; it will not remove it.

Tough stainsNatural recipes

Cleaning water spots or dirt

Just dip your damp sponge into some baking soda. A little elbow grease and presto! Just rinse the area with warm water, and the spots are gone.

Tough stains

For more problematic stains, use white vinegar for the first rub-down with the sponge and the apply the baking soda treatment.

Extra tough stains

If you messed up your tiles, mix some baking soda with a little bit of washing soda and borax. Then add a splash of Castille soap and stir everything up. Apply the white vinegar first and then go in hard with the mix you made. See the dirt disappear before your eyes.

Moldy grout

Just mix up a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide with an equal amount of water and spray some on. After 45 mins, the mold disappears.